Monday, February 21, 2005

A Poetic Effort: Silken Paper

Splendid silken paper ‘neath a pen’s point
Tells of fragile love’s weeping wounds.
Prayers carried close and slipped inside her blouse,
She runs in the rain to reach him, touch him,
To reverse his heart’s impaling choice.
A stream rushing across concrete
Halts her splashing steps and quickens her breath.
The windows show a dance of a mother
And a father and their chirping babes,
Perfection, idealism, wished-for bliss.
She stands observing and left,
An incidental memory now,
Silenced, torn and floating away,
Away to an ocean’s worth of humming black lines.


Edge said...

Makes me want to know the whole story.

rick said...

"a stream rushing across concrete..."

what a beautiful play on words. it reminds me of the rains that we get in texas, and how the freeways are smothered after just a few inches of rain. there's little resistance with concrete.

please don't think i'm silly, but your words energize me...

narrator said...

I love this imagery, and the way the rhythm rolls within that. great work.

Adriana Bliss said...

Poetry has never been my thing - I always tend towards the narrative. So I really appreciate your comments - thanks infinitely.

Ecks Ridgehead said...

I really like this poem, you should try to write more (even though you think it's "not your thing"). I'm intensely jealous of all people who can write good poetry, as I've never been able to myself!

Adriana Bliss said...

Ecks, count me in as a jealous one, too! I'll try to work on more - or rather, go with the desire when the mood hits me. :) Thanks for the prodding!

John said...

::To reverse his heart’s impaling choice.::

That's an interesting choice of words, Adriana?? I like the poem very much.