Saturday, February 12, 2005

Death of an Otter Pop

We live in confusing times. On one level, life seems to have lost value. The media reports so many murders and war victims that we don't notice from one day to the next. On the other hand, the ridiculous gains in value. Today, I read that an Otter Pop was actually rescued from the seas (they never told us what flavor it was) and then after being rescued had to be promptly euthanized. My god. A popsicle! Since when are lost popsicles worthy of government action, media attention, and my very own time. And to actually think the re-freezing and eating of a popsicle is comparable to EUTHANASIA! I eat popsicles all the time - what is today's rightist media suggesting, that every eaten popsicle is like murder? Is this some subversive way of getting me to become seduce me into turning pro-pop because once you go pro-pop, anti-choice is only a step away? The nerve of the Pro-Poppers to suggest Otter Pops "squeal" like living things or need a mother, like living things. They're popsicles!

Well guess what, Pat Robertson, Jerry Fallwell, W. Bush, I'm not buying it. I'll damn well eat a popsicle any time I want, without a hint of guilt. Otter Pops are good eating, especially the blue raspberry.

For your own proofing and consideration, here's the link on this bit of absurdity.

Oh oh...wait a minute...never mind.



MatzahNacho said...

Hee! You had me going there:)

Adriana Bliss said...

LOL! That was my homage to Gilda Radner and her great character from SNL, Roseanne Roseannadanna. What was sad was that I really did read that article as "Otter Pop." I knew it wasn't a popsicle and yet...somewhere inside myself I saw Louie!