Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Crock Pot

Being that a person does not live on junk food alone, I decided to make for tonight's dinner roast-in-the-crock-pot. Easy enough - cut veggies at the bottom, seasoned roast on top, beef broth thrown in. Turn on. Go play on the computer, watch Battlestar Galactica, or take a hike to the creek with the girl.

I had class last night and I'm relatively pleased with how it went, considering that I seriously did not want to be there - the students didn't throw tomatoes or claim that they were sooooo confused. I told them I was into "feelings" and if they "felt" they were getting to the edge of understanding, that was good enough for now. I gave them the answers (going over with them) to half the homework and gave them another week to work out the problems. I also postponed the exam so they could get another boost towards comprehension. They seemed to appreciate my flexibility. It's not that I'm insensitive to their whining (being the whiner-expert that I am) but I do get impatient when they don't want to use available material as a means to learning. I also get frustrated when they don't ask me to help them, choosing to point fingers at me rather than tackle the problem.

My 7-yr old might have childhood depression according to his doctor - this morning he was happy, having eaten all his French Toast of course, and actually wanted to listen to classical music in the car. He likes our routine - I play classical music every morning on the way to school to "feed our collective brains" instead of playing his latest craze: speed metal rock. The rule of classical-music-only has totally eradicated early-morning arguments for radio-control. I was glad he noticed the silence - I hadn't turned the radio on at all.

My daughter was being a supreme 4-yr-old thang this morning - demanding, sassy, yelling, inflexible. I definitely contemplated dropping her off at the pre-school even though she was wearing stockings, elephant slippers, and baby-doll pajamas with polka dots. It's a little cold? Stand close to the teacher. Hold a guinea pig. Hug a block. She redeemed herself when she told me about the monsters in her dreams with the big eyes and that I had to rescue her.

My 11-yr old called from school this morning to tell me he has morning-detention tomorrow for failing to get his progress report from math class signed by a parent. I wonder why he wouldn't show it to us? Insert gnashing of teeth.

I'm still searching for a life recipe easy as roast-in-a-crock-pot.


Wino McHackenpuke said...

It's always good to see someone who actually puts effort into their posts, and gives the blog community something that's easily-read. Good work, former-lawyer.

Keep practicing and you might have a blog as good as mine one day. :)

MatzahNacho said...

You have amazing timing. We were looking at crock pots last night, for the first time ever, trying to choose in advance which one we might buy once we get around to it. We could really use one. We're tired of cold food on Shabbat, and I hear they're often used to keep food warm throughout the day. My question is, is it actually possible to keep something in there from right before sundown to lunch the next day without it spoiling or turning to mush?

easywriter said...

I came to visit you and to thank you for adding Writer's Blog to your links, what a pleasant suprise. My niece suffered from depression as a child and had quite a struggle but if it is any comfort, she did prevail and has become a warm, sympathetic and very caring young woman. You sound as though you are the type of Mother who understands good parenting and practices it. Fortunate children. I raised three and gnashed my teeth a few times too and even though they are all grown-up now find that sometimes I still do. :0)

Thanks Again,

Adriana Bliss said...

Thanks Wino for stopping in - based on some comments on your own blog by the visitors, I'm wiping the sweat from my brow, thankful you were so nice.

Matzo Nacho - hee! Good timing is right! I look forward to hear your successes. As a note, the roast was "eh." I'm not sure if it was the particular kind of roast or if it was me. The boys liked the dish because they were starving. Clearly, I'll have to work some more on the crock.

Easywriter, thanks for checking the blog out! I'm so glad to have a link to your lovely place - I peek in there for a taste of wonderful words, for some inspiring reads. Thanks for the vote of confidence on my parenting - I'll remember it the next time I think I want to adopt my children out!

Denise said...

Your 4 year old sounds exactly like mine. He's a foot stomping, demanding, stubborn, loud, bossy little maniac. He's also the most adorable, loving and generous little boy I've ever known. Kids are cute for a reason, it completely wipes out any and all hidden desire to bind them with duct tape.

Denise said...

Oh yeah, I love my crock pot!

Adriana Bliss said...

Yes!! God didn't make children cute for the hell of it. It's to save their little lives!

Wardo said...

If I had a nickel for everybody I've met who was once a lawyer...well, I could buy a cup of coffee. But that's still a lot of lawyers.

My crockpotting rules. Nothing tastes like a lump of cow ass that's simmered in its own juices for 8 hours.



Adriana Bliss said...

Argus, you've made me very afraid of the leftover roast-in-a-crock that's sitting in the freezer.

nappy40 said...

Crock pot? Just when I was lamenting over my lack of cooking skills. Now I have a new idea.

matzahnacho: You can use a crock pot for shabbos. Put the food in there right before shabbos starts and by the next day it should be ready. Shouldn't be spoiled. Don't ask how I know this.

Adriana, thanks for stopping by my blog and adding to the discussion.

cai said...

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