Saturday, August 13, 2005

Sassy: Update

Sassy in a contemplative moment, at last!

By the way, only my children would fight over who gets to pick up the poop! Here's the morning's rundown which I heard through the open window of my bedroom:

M [running and screaming into the yard, poop bag in hand]: I want to pick up the poop!

A [running after her into the yard, poop bag in hand]: I want to pick up the poop! It's my job!

[M screeching wordlessly]

[A laughs triumphantly]

[M screeching]

[Children run back inside the house]

M [sobbing and walking towards me as A got to the poop first]: I wanted to pick up the pooooo! Mommy, I wanted to pick it up!

A useless discussion followed on turns at picking up poop (useless because so long as one wants to pick up poop, the other will want to also - the idea of lining up to pick up poop is beyond them). There are times as a parent that I must confess to my I.Q. having plummeted following the births of my children. Today was one of those times.


Fromage de Merde said...

Gheeze screaming in the yard over pooper-scooper chores!? Me thinks I’m glad that your family doesn’t live next door to me. But given my neighborhood so do you! As the dogs around here are just mangy pit bulls with dull soulless eyes and no one even worries about where they poop, just that they don’t bite!

I think I had a dog once, but it was years ago in LA and damn if I can remember what happened to him – obviously another competent pet owner heard from, eh?

Dana said...

Might I recommend you assign "Poop days" That way, they all get a chance! What a dilemma.....I've never had this argument in my house! LOL

LeaLea said...

Never had this argument at my house either!! lol this is definitely a day to be remembered. I say give it a week or two and they will no longer be fighting over picking up poop! LOL

Truthful said...

Please send these poop fighters over to my house. I have a 95lb. Chesapeke Bay Retriver which leaves huge deposits on my 1 acre lawn. I usually wait for erosion ...aka the rain to wash it away. This would be like an Easter egg hunt on a parcel of land this size. Just imagine the joyous glee on their faces. :)

Jim said...


Lori said...

I can just hear them, lol...that is too funny.

Sassy's cute! I hope she'll turn out to be a cool pet.

Adriana Bliss said...

Thanks, everyone, for chiming in...what can I say, my children are nuts! BTW, the poop has already lost its...flavor. I'm the one marching around the yard, now. :)

Pirate said...

Great blog. I was in the neighborhood stopped in and looked around. I liked it. Cleaning up poop is best when the dog does it himself.

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Love these dog posts the past few days.

I agree. Assigning poop days is just as necessary as dish drying or housecleaning~

My children did not do anything.
Today, I regret it~

Carolyn said...

Great story how you got the dog, Adriana! And she is sooooo cute! Terriers are naturally smart dogs and pretty easy to train. They can be pretty territorial however, so if you plan to get another dog, you might want to let Sassy pick him/her out. (Just some advice from an experience I had w/a terrier once-- I didn't know my terrier "Penny" could whip a German Shepherd, lol!)

Good luck with the poop detail :)

Carolyn said...

Oh, I should explain: my dog was a pinscher/terrier mix :)