Monday, August 22, 2005

Coming Up for Air

Coming up for air to spit out the goings-on.

I'm fully entrenched in classes even though mentally I'm still on summer vacation. Today's lecture for Civil Procedure however told me I need to stop with the summer mindset.

Sassy's doing great, though. She's got her issues...she loves to nip at the kids shorts, pants, shoe-laces, as they run, as she chases them. She definitely sees them as fellow puppies - it's very funny, but something I hope tempers as she gets older. She's still learning to walk on a leash - wow does she pull! We were pleased though to see that she's got great stamina. She managed a short hike brilliantly, was happy to cross creeks, was happy to get a little muddy, was fine when we bathed her in our little plastic pool outside. I have to say, we're all totally in love with her and she's brought a much-needed sense of "gentleness" to the house. It's great for the kids when she lies on the blanket on the couch and they get to pet her. She slows them down a little.

A little.

There have been days I've said, "I cannot stand my children!" They fight, they demand, they sass us. D and I feel like we're battling the insurgents...every time we think we have them beat, they blow up another part of the house. Is that bad to compare my children to terrorists? I don't mean to demean the terrorists...I mean, the children, but honestly!

Thursday I plan on abandoning the kids to my poor overburdened husband when I take off to visit my dear friend in San Diego. YAY! I think I'm taking the train. The hotel's nearby. It'll be nice to just sit for a couple of hours and read. As opposed to dealing with traffic.

Well...I've more to say, but J's just come into the office and is playing the drums. I'm so glad he's being educated.

What? I can't hear you...I can't hear myself think! Bless his little Slipknotted heart!

Afterthought: Watched Six Feet Under - depressed the hell out of me. I was left overwhelmed by the concept of time-passage, reminded in some way of all those things my father agonized over right before his death, all the things he would miss, the things he's missed, the time that will pass. In the days after he died, I was most bothered by the idea that one day I would reach an age wherein he would have been gone more than he was alive in my life. The fast-forward sequences at the end of the program reminded me of that thought. They had this disturbing effect of showcasing the joy of life and minimizing it, pointing out how small we are in the larger sense of the world. We are but blips.

Criminy, no wonder I couldn't sleep last night!


LeaLea said...

oh my goodness.. Slipknot is really a band? Is that their picture on that site?! (scary scary scary!!)

Dana said...

Your trip to visit with your friend sounds like a dream come true! What I wouldn't do for a few quite hours to sit (uniterrupted) with a good book! Have a great time! By the way, I felt a little strange after the last SFU episode as well. It just seemed so...sad! It was kind of nice to see what they all did with their lives but it was also so quick and depressing in a way. Did you by any chance read their obits on of interesting.

Adriana Bliss said...

Lealea, there are a band. As my son J explains to me and his father, "Dad, they're just doing the same thing Alice Cooper did. Make-up to get more attention."

Smart-ass. I've listened to their music, read the lyrics online - I let him buy the cd that doesn't have a "parental advisory" stamp (which he resents) on it. The music really isn't too bad - at points, in fact, it's quite melodic despite all the yelling.

Dana, I'm looking forward to my day! On SFU, I just read the obits last night (after re-watching the end of SFU) - totally interesting. As a note, on re-watching, I found myself laughing out loud at the death of Brenda, literally talked to death by Billy!

Anonymous said...

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