Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

This morning I awoke to J ticcing again, often and loudly. Very disheartening because the medication he's been on seemed to be working really well. We thought we finally found "the one." So...I've got a headache. As I doled out the morning medications for the boys, I realized that I tend to live my life waiting for the proverbial next shoe to drop. The happy times, the peaceful times, are just moments in which we take a breath. I'm just waiting for the next bad thing to come along, you know? What's it gonna be next? A new disease, a death, a speeding ticket, job loss? A tornado? What, what, what's gonna happen NEXT?

This is an attitude I have to stop, change. And therein lies my New Year's resolution. What's yours?


Anonymous said...

You and me both...

My resolution: trying not to sweat the small stuff and perhaps trying to take better care of myself, I really can't be bothered at times and then wonder why I can, so often, feel like crap!

Edd said...

Our resolution is somewhat like yours… We have been dealing with T’s tics worsening over the last two days. They are now at a stage if they do not change for the better he must return sooner than planned to see his Neurologist. He decided to stay up with us to view the ball fall for New Years but his tics increase almost exponentially has he gets tired. It’s been a long night already!

Tamar said...

Happy New Year old blogging friend!

Brenda said...

The moments of worry and pain should be moments out of general happiness and contentment, and that became very clear to me last night on the dance floor as laughter pushed its way out.

I'm with you on the resolve.

Happy New Year's Bliss, oh Bliss... !

Fromage de Merde said...

To post a blog every blue moon or so...

Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, bud!

Sorry to hear about J's meds. I hope the new year brings some better news for you guys and us all.

I don't have a resolution though. I never keep them when I do make them, so there's not much point. LOL!

Jo Gillis said...

Happy New Year Adriana. My resolution seems cut out for me. I'm stepping out of the past and into the present.

May your New Year be free of dropping shoes.

Carolyn said...

Happy New Year Adriana! I didn't make any resolutions this year. I never keep them anyway, lol! I figure I put enough pressure on myself w/out the added self-inflicted proverbials I can't live up to :)

Adriana Bliss said...

Happy New Year everyone and thank you so much for your wonderful comments!

Kazumi, those are excellent and do-able resolutions...I'm right with you.

Edd, LOL on your long night! Boy do we know how that can be. :)

Tamar! Happy, happy new year.

Brenda, how nice to read your tidbit of enlightenment - it is true and works with Kazumi's suggestion on not sweating the small stuff...we should not spend time worrying when there is nothing we can do about the circumstance.

Patrick! So good to see you...Happy New Year!

LOL, Lori! Isn't that the truth. Can't wait to see you...yay!!

Oh Josephine, fantastic to see you emerge out of your hiatus - I feel honored! Thank you for the blessing, my dear, and Happy New Year!

Yes, Carolyn, as you'll see from my next post...there goes my resolution for a better attitude. :) Hugs and Happy New Year!