Thursday, August 10, 2006

Blogging Bud Light

I've drunk an entire Bud Light in a bottle in like ten minutes, deciding I'm going to blog the experience because...well, I always forget how nice it is to have a little alcohol with food, or while kicking back and reading in the sun, or while by the pool, or while in a bar with good friends, with family. My back space is busy because I keep adding letters, a j here, a w there, an extra e or too many a's. Now, Bud Light isn't my favorite but it's here and I don't mind and I still feel that sweet, all's-well-on-the-homefront, and isn't that person I'm with just wonderful, handsome, and all-around perfect? Oh! And it's my husband. To think he's so wonderful, and I married him. Oh me. Oh my.

I've got Orange Chicken on the stove, some basmati wild rice thing in a pot, and I've completely forgotten what I planned to blog. Perhaps it's that good feeling I wanted to blog about, or the massive crusges...sruches...crushges...crushes I have on the following bloggers I've run across on the internet:

**** and

***** and

long gone ******

and...oh yes... ******. Hahaha...I bet that one surprised you all. I bet you're thinking...I had no idea Adriana was a ********. Hahaha...just like at that party I attended back in 2001, recovering from my mother's death, letting loose...woweee! The hostess of that night reads the blog. In silence. Never posts. She could attest to the events of that night. Oh hell, I'll just lay it out for you. It started with 80's music and a whole bunch of Lemon Drops.


I know. It shocks you to read this.

[Edited because at the time this was written Ms. Bliss wasn't herself. She really ought not post when she's been drinking.]

So yeah, omg, what are you all going to say about me?! Innocent Bliss, dear devoted Bliss...she's deep inside, still a devoted mother after all. Doomed! I'm kidding, seriously.

I drank a Bud Light and I made some silly jokes and A laughed and so did M, and I was pleased to have let go a bit of the nervousness for the trip, the annoyance with D (isn't it always that way when a family departs for a vacation?), the anxiety about school starting in two weeks. My mother used to drink - she turned to the drink - and we hated when she did. She'd get very amorous with whatever man was around her, she was overly affectionate. She used to deny the drinking. Later, as adults, we chuckle over it. Back then, I just used to get angry. yes, the dinner's burning and I'm here blogging. Wheeeee! Scooby Doo is on the tube, J's gotten home, ticcing a storm, but he's good, he's happy. He says a girl likes him. Of course because he's a drummer. He's cute. He's quite accepted in spite of the noise. As I talk to D, I can tell he's suspicious of my easy-going-ness. He keeps looking at the bottle next to me. The empty bottle. I can also tell that the Tourette's thing is more a problem for the parents than for J. He's noisy - the pills do nothing - it's probably more evidence of his mood swings than pure Tourette's...or they're intertwined...hard to untangle where these things originate. But yes...while it bothers him, I think it bothers him knowing it bothers me and D. The more worried WE get, the more upset he gets.

So we need to shut up about it. We need to be as quiet we want him to be. We need to be.

We're leaving tomorrow night for Mammoth. Did I post that already? Yes, tomorrow after J's camp concert. We'll be coming back on Thursday, it looks like. Wow, a whole week without the blogspot at my side. I have a notebook. I'll have to take notes. I doubt I will. all my plans for the summer. Remember that post? Yes, it's all gone. Didn't accomplish a single thing, a single BIG thing I wanted to accomplish.

I suppose small things are good.

I was going to close with something brilliant, something wise. All I'm thinking is...darn it...nothing. I'm thinking nothing. My mind hasn't expanded in any way I was hoping.

Maybe the next time I'll have to try a Corona...or an Ale. Yes, an English, warm ale. Or maybe I should stick to ice tea because I think I'm gonna puke.


Jean said...


Brenda said...

Oh, Miss Bliss! Actually I bought a 6-pack of some golden-type beer last week, the first beer I've had in about 10 years. And ended up having one a night... but now's finished and I'm beerless again. It was strange, indeed.

kazumi said...

Yes, a Corona or an Ale will surely result in mind expansion - you are so funny! Loved the post. Made me LOL.

Can I come 'round for dinner and beer?? ;D

narrator said...

sometimes it is just time to party. Smithwicks as a first choice (of course) but Guinness or Newcastle Brown or a good ol' Molson's Golden or even a Corona. Good beer sliding into you is so wondrous, and, ya ever watch little kids? As soon as they can walk they spin to make themselves dizzy. It's a natural human thing...