Friday, September 08, 2006

"What a woman!" Updated

That's one of my favorite quotes and it comes from Disney's "The Aristocats". a woman! An over-50 nurse strangling a bad, bad intruder with her bare hands. Even the BTK killer found choking as a means of death difficult to do because of the strength needed. I keep trying to imagine the event and find myself sort of chuckling, rather darkly I know, at what had to be pure shock on the part of the intruder. "This can't be happening, this CANNOT possibly be happening. I have a hammer AND a penis! Why meeeeeee?!"


Hectic week - getting up early every morning to get the two younger kids to school by eight o'clock, coming home to get J set up for his morning with breakfast and his assignments from the home teacher, then jamming to the college to teach my morning class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Wednesdays and Thursdays are tough because on those nights I've got late classes to teach - the school shortened the semester and decided to tack on additional minutes of teaching to the class hours so they want us to hold the students twenty more minutes than we had to last year. I now don't get home until after 10:30. And I never can go to sleep right away - I always find myself awake beyond midnight. Stress can push it to two. Makes getting up the next day for the kids doubly hard.

M decided to entertain D last night while I was at class by jumping off a little puffy chair and spraining her ankle badly. Yeah. She got to experience her first sick day and got us a lovely afternoon at the doctor's office and radiology department. Fun, fun, fun! Wait, wait, wait!


Sassy took off out the door AGAIN, after her visit to the groomers that revealed her mad itching wasn't caused by bad skin but by fleas.


J loved his iPod. I've had to fight him for computer time, as he works to transfer his favorite cd's over.


Lost the internet a couple of days thanks to my modem going wonky, forcing me to use the college's computer to check on e-mail.


My desktop's hard drive is kaput. The money I spent for after-warranty customer service and "recovery disks" was a complete waste. I'm pulling the last dollars of my inheritance money to buy a spiffy new computer, the rest of which is still paying for J's and A's doctor. Who's been billing me lately every time we have a phone session that he set up to monitor J's progress on the Zoloft. I appreciate the attention (the neurologist hates dealing with us because J's not responding so well to the treatment, and don't doctors hate that?), but not the charges which our Blue Cross won't pay for.


Problem with kaput computer is I will have lost all of July's and August's pictures due to my being lazy and not backing up since late June. And to think that right before the Great Crash, the night before, I had said to myself, "Self, you better back up the drive."

Ahhh...hindsight's a beautiful thing.

At least I hadn't spent the summer finally completing the Great American Novel that was sure to win the Pulitzer.


I'm at a creative low.


M's hopping all over the house, avoiding putting weight on her injured ankle, and she's quite proud of her skill. I have to say, I don't hop. If I injured my ankle, I'd take the crawling option, probably settling for the lying-down option. Oh, oh...I feel it, I sense it, the sleepiness is coming back, the wish to sleep through my life rather than engage.


Lately, whenever I post on the blog, I publish, then republish, then republish again. The bloglines folks must think I'm nuts. Or unsettled. Or uncommitted. Or scatter-brained. Or fluid.

Update: Another tale of a woman taking care of business.


Carolyn said...

LOL on that 1st paragraph! I hope you get rested up this weekend and can enjoy some "you" time :)

Like you, I publish/republish too. Actually, I'll spot a grammatical, sentencing, or spelling error hours or even days after I posted and fix and repub it, even after I've got comments. I'm either obsessed or possessed, lol!!

Adriana Bliss said...

LOL Carolyn. Today there was a story about a woman in a wheelchair who got mugged. Some guy tried to yank off her necklace. In response, she pulled out her licensed .357 Magnum and shot the guy in the elbow. In the last year, an over-70 woman used a shotgun to take of her intruder.

I'm telling all gotta watch out for today's modern, over-50 woman. They are not to be messed with.

And hahaha...I'm the same way. Something about seeing the post in different print with a different background highlights the errors. On occasion I'll do the same thing!

Lori said...

Wow. Talk about a lot on your plate. Hope J's party went well with the jumpy castle and all. LOL!