Thursday, September 21, 2006

Going Off Line

Well, well...Earthlink finally disconnected me after a "conversation" I had with a supervisor. BUT Verizon won't be up and running (let's all pray!) until next week. So...offline. I'll be internetless for a while other than logging on at school.

See you then. Thanks everyone for the comments...LOL. Eleventh circle of hell, I tell ya'!


Danny said...

Good luck! Your Internet story rang many bells and those episodes usually make me want to become a serial killer. I am glad I quit Earthlink three years ago and I've had a pretty good experience with SBC Global, now AT&T (I think). But of course by saying something positive I've just tempted the evil eye and my DSL connection will probably go down any minute.

Spit three times. Knock on wood. Oy.

Jennifer said...


Hurry back, Ms. Bliss. You are missed.