Monday, October 17, 2005

A Poem of Firsts

How funny it is that I can’t think of a first sentence,
For once,
For this.

A story popped into my head, yesterday.
More of a poem maybe,
A poem made up of all those
First sentences that follow me around like lost puppies.

A woman with salt and pepper curly hair
Sat at her computer day in and day out
Playing Scrabble with cutesy names like
Pimpdaddy, Joker12 and Jonesingforwords.
She ate nothing but peanut butter sandwiches.

My grandmother told me a story, yesterday.

I have a memory, she said, of a girl
Standing by a footman’s horse
Wondering if he was ever going to return.
An enchanted lizard stared at her a few feet away,
She didn’t dare move. She didn’t want to be kissed.

The phone rang, but he didn’t answer because
Gilligan’s Island was on, the new one, and
He didn’t dare move because if he did,
Gilligan wouldn’t save Maryanne from loneliness.

There were five dogs in the family –
Bumby, Lady, Oscar, Dandy, and Abby.
Only two of them lasted, the first three
Run over by a car, swept away in wind,
Returned for being too wild to handle.

Love never found her when she wanted it to find her,
Leaving her in a constant state of intense

Order can be made out of chaos,
So long as you have
Imagination and desperation.

Both of which I have, had, yesterday.


Jim said...

When trying to write a comment, I couldn't think of a first line.

But ... great poem(s). All are great opening lines, and they all work together in a way that I found moving.

Edge said...

I've never found love, it's always found me and always when I least expect it. Of course, that could be because I don't look for it.

Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

You've made order out of chaos here, while leaving enough chaos for the reader himself to try to make more order of his own. Nice!

Adriana Bliss said...

Oh I'm so glad I still have readers! Thank you, guys, so much.

Anonymous said...

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