Wednesday, June 29, 2005

An old poem...

On Prufrock

Cigar smoke drifts about me,
Unpainted wood scratches my toes,
The sun threatens to set,
An interruption of red
Neither of us wants.

Poetry comes my way,
Narratives fly yours.
Home waits across
Miles of barriers,
Distance trumped by our persistence.

Connected by loss,
By love’s mossy methods,
We share a glass of wine.
Hope lightens our moods,
Before we return to slip beneath
Perfectly laid linens.


Just an old thing for testing out the audioblog.


Lori said...

I couldn't get the audio portion to computer had a hissy fit over it for whatever reason and locked up. Whatever.

Anyway, I give you lots and lots of credit for writing poetry. It's not really my thing, so I can't give you much else in the way of feedback. For the most part, poetry doesn't speak to me. I guess I just don't get whatever the writer is trying to say. I was never any good at writing poems in high school, and was just as bad at trying to figure them out. I suppose that's not saying very much about my intellectual pursuits, but...oh well.

Edge said...

I very much enjoy your prose

Adriana Bliss said...

Lori, poetry isn't my thing either - there's so much going on (rhythm, meter, imagery, etc.), every word and line is purposeful, intentional. Too difficult for me. But...I like trying every so often and sometimes I end up saying what I want to. lol

Um...thanks, Edge...I'll get back to prose ASAP. :)

Edge said...

I may have refered to poetry as prose in error.....I was talking about the poem.

Adriana Bliss said...

Oh don't worry at all, Edge...I was feeling blue last night!

Carolyn said...

Sounds like the perfect ending to a comfortable day. Very nice!

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