Monday, April 11, 2005

A quickie on the world in the news...more updating entry.

I was actually touched by the death watch for the Pope - I was impressed with him as a man, impressed by the seemingly genuine love people had for him. I was moved by the honesty I saw in the people who were willing to put up with hours and hours of waiting, the worst crowds, having the most incredible patience I've ever witnessed, just to see a glimpse of him lying in state. What a contrast to people who can't wait a second for lesser things, to people who will kill others for minor intrusions into their space.

Michael Jackson (no link...I just offer that you check out any news link) is going DOWN. I do not see a jury being swayed by a conspiracy theory among so many people testifying to pretty much the same thing. The sad thing is that Jackson's freakness, his arrogance, is what's killing him.

Update: A great article about a volatile voice in female/male studies, Andrea Dworkin, who passed away April 9, 2005, at age 58, the article and death mentioned by Professor Althouse. With reason, Andrea Dworkin pissed a lot of people off. I studied her in law school and I was fascinated by all the noise she made, by all that pot-stirring and pot-throwing she did. She said outrageous things, hateful things. Crazy things. But one thing she never accomplished was the state of being ignored, like so many female voices that attempt loudness. It's the state of "not being ignored" that makes me forgive Condoleezza Rice and Ann Coulter their conservatism, Hilary Clinton for her imperfections. While I may want to, on occasion, thrown them to wayside and pray for them to switch sides or mainstream, I never stop admiring their loudness, being outright thankful for it.


Tamar said...

Woman - hear me roar and roar and roar!

nappy40 said...

Adriana, I think you're right. Michael Jackson is going down. I hope he is.

narrator said...

I watched the Pope's funeral from Dublin, a transcendant experience right there. The Catholic Church brings so many mixed emotions in me (in almost every Catholic, I'm sure), but the thing it offers better than almost anything else in "the western world" is a continuity of culture, across oceans and continents, and across the millenia, and we are drawn to that surety in an endlessly unsure world.

newspell said...

jack-o is going away for a long time. or he could be free by the end of the trial. you can never tell with these celebrity trials.

Adriana Bliss said...

Tamar, so true!

Nappy40 and Rick, even though the defense is doing a fabulous job with their cross-examinations, even though they've managed to paint almost every witness as tainted in some manner, the total picture hasn't changed - you have a slew of people testifying to improper behavior with young boys. I think that will cinch a guilty verdict provided the jurors are not starstruck. Which of course, Rick, means you are right. It can go either way, one never knows.

Narrator, in the end, I believe it's the assurances religion offers that holds people in its complex embrace.