Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Catching Up, Getting Behind, Pope Benedict XVI, and Flowers

I'm just going to write - I'm not going to compose, I'm not going to orchestrate, I'm not going to swirl a stick in the sand to make a picture. Just going to hit the keys.

Last week we took some days and went to the beach, to Legoland, just D and I and the kids. We had fun - D and I were surprised at the kids' getting along that evening in our one hotel room. A sheer miracle. We had thought, last time out, that we'd always have to get two rooms. They managed to pull it off without driving us off the balcony, lemming-style. The weather was perfect - sunny, a cool breeze, near-cloudless. The entire time we were out there, we lived in a lovely bubble of ignorant bliss - we heard no news, we didn't watch any television other than some wrestling cartoon (Mucha Lucha) on Cartoon Network (I think), we read no newspapers, the radio was off. Nobody died, nobody cheated, nobody lied, nobody bombed any countries, no insurgents bombed themselves and/or others, no natural disasters happened, no calamities whatsoever, no robberies, no murders, no illegal trades of stock, no governmental errors, no negligence, no major mergers, no major closings, no layoffs, no shocking drops in the DOW.

I got behind in my grading though. I have a lot of catching up to do. But the pain is worth those days, a bunch of happy moments sitting side-by-side.

We took a walk on the beach in the morning, A, M, and I, seagulls accompanying us along with the roar of the ocean, the roar of other travelers on the road, a breeze that called for a kite, our own voices. M didn't like the sand in her shoes but A held her hand while I took off her shoe and emptied sand. A repeating process nobody minded. We talked to a stranger who'd set himself on a folding chair and cradled a thermos of coffee while watching the waves. He answered our questions about the birds on the sand and about the best places to walk. He smiled and went back to his watching.

We continued our walk until it was time to get to Legoland. Our time there in the amusement park was equally slow - we hardly hit any of the expected rides. Both days were were there, we lingered, playing in the open spaces and in the fountains when we could. There just wasn't any rush.

When it came time to leave each day, we tumbled into the car willingly, looking forward to a dinner, a drink of soda, a little bit of shopping. The ride home at last was quiet, the boys listening to their cd's and M sleeping. On Sunday, D and I agreed, we can't wait for summer.

Today, M and I watched the announcement of the new Pope, il nuevo Papa. We listened to those bells and I could almost feel the thrill of being there. I was reminded of my mother's absence - my sister called and reminded me of what Mom would be saying on the phone to us, "Are you watching?" She loved Pope John Paul II - as a Mexican woman, she had a special relationship with the Catholic church. Sure, she disagreed with some of the ideas, but in her heart where it mattered, she loved the church. So...yeah, she'd have been watching. We'd have been over at her place.

I went to the store and still have bags of food waiting to be put away. M is sleeping on the couch - the house is quiet, quiet. More happy moments.

You know, if you set those moments of happiness next to each other on a field, picture them looking like flowers, planted all over the place in rows or not, and fly upwards, pulling away like a bird, eventually the moments will all blend together into a single, hardly uninterrupted carpet of color. I think of impressionist paintings or that newfangled computer thing where you have an image, a portrait of a person, that's actually made up of thousands of thumbnails of individual pictures. It's the little things, the single moments...eventually they'll create a harmonious flow of nothing but joy.


MatzahNacho said...

I'm no fan of the Catholic church but I enjoyed watching both the coverage of Pope John Paul II's passing as well as the events today. I now have one good thing to say about the Church. That chimney ritual is just wonderful! Talk about building anticipation and then providing a climactic conclusion. Better than any TV show I've seen in ages!

Lori said...
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Lori said...

On Benny 16: while I understand that the passing and election of a pope are big events and don't happen often...and having been raised Catholic, I know what it means for the faithful...having said all that, actually, I think the media is going seriously overboard with their hovering and hand-wringing. This morning I couldn't get away from the reporters babbling on about how Benny's TOO conservative and people aren't happy about that. Well, DUH...HE'S THE POPE!! It's his JOB to uphold the rules of the church. So it stands to reason that they wouldn't have elected the guy if he was going to change them all. And as for his ten-second-long involvement in the Hitler Youth, the other thing the media's devouring---my guess is the guy probably didn't have much of a choice at the time, and since he deserted after he got drafted, I think that pretty much clears that up. But noooooo! We must continue to make mountains out of molehills! And contaminate the air with bullsh*t! It's what we're best at!

God, people! Isn't there anything ELSE going on in the world right now?

Sigh...anyway. I don't have much to say about ol' Benny 16, since he's only had the job for a day. I don't envy the job in front of him. And I just hope he does the best he can. I also wish the frigging so-called news programs would MOVE ON ALREADY.

newspell said...

i know i've said this a million times... but your words are never more beautiful than when your writing about your family.

Brenda said...

Using the image of the swirling stick at the beginning or the field of flowers at the end to unify all the elements in this homey, loving story is composing it in a fabulous, unifying spiral of memories like one of those bright galaxies spinning in the sky... xo

dayna said...

Blogger messed up and I had to redo my address. New address for Below Station Street.

If you have a link to my blog could you please change it.

Adriana Bliss said...

Matzanacho, I agree - I totally watched the coverage and really enjoyed it.

On the other hand, Lori, I have to agree, that the over-coverage was rather ridiculous. The media as always, needs an overhaul. Although, I'm glad I mentioned it because it got you to post! Yay!

Thank you, Rick and Brenda. :)

Dayna...will do!

Brenda said...

Sorry, this is an outside comment - first, I noticed I called you Arianna in the link to your blog at my site, and that you called me Claws... oh my, aren't we, what, quite hilarious? xo

Adriana Bliss said...

LOL Brenda! Lordy...

narrator said...

like Brenda I found your imagery beautiful in describing how you were going to tell us the story. I'm glad that your time was so good.

As a Catholic I have to say I love the ceremony. Unlike Lori, I won't defend this Pope's life record, because I don't like what he has done, and I just saw first hand how the attitudes of the past 25 years have virtually destroyed the church in Europe. But I also know that sometimes the job makes the man in interesting ways, and if I didn't have faith, I wouldn't be Catholic.