Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sooooo silly... We bought a webcam to talk to family across the country. I thought to test out video capture since I'm suffering insomnia. Posted about J. Always J.

We've already amassed a ridiculous collection of home videos. M and I talking about our "hotel." A loves to spend many minutes staring at the camera and making faces. The dog swimming across the screen.

I'll have to see if this works during the day, when I can speak in a normal tone. I never knew I rolled my eyes as often as I do. I'm in my pj's. I'm gonna be in pain tomorrow when I try to get up to take the kids to school.

Did I already say it? Sooooo silly.

So I posted something and immediately took it down. The sound was way off. I'm going to have to make several test runs.

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