Wednesday, April 25, 2007


As I reviewed the names of the students who were slaughtered at Virginia Tech, I wondered what the names were of the people slaughtered in Iraq on that same day. And the ones yesterday. And today. I keep wondering if the situation in the Middle East would be more "real" if we knew who these people were? If we saw their smiling faces, their dashed hopes, up front and personal?

Or would it only to serve to sadden us, to bring us all to the brink of helplessness since our voices tend to be lost in the politics of it all?


I had that job interview and now I wait. I did okay, not stellar. Sometimes in the throes of nerves, I tend to say things I wish I didn't. Can I recall anything specific? Yes...and it only gets worse in my imagination with time. So I do better not thinking about it. I'll wait for the rejection letter. As I munch on foods that are bad for me.


Only April 25? Damn it, I can't wait for summer.


David N. Scott said...

I'm recycling this anecdote from my blog, but the dayu the OC Post announced the 32 dead in VA they also announced well over 200 dead in Iraq the same day... it was three headlines down, though. As someone said (in defense), 'well, you expect people to die in wars. So it's not news.'


Carolyn said...

I think knowing someone involved in any tragedy brings it closer to home. I didn't know any VT students, but it happened an hour away from me, so it certainly caught my attention and concern. And folks nearby were able to share info first-hand as opposed to hearing about it all from the media.

The war keeps me concerned too, but as it's so far away, I can only rely on media to tell me what's going on. And media tells us what the Commander in Chief tells them to say. Unfortunately, it's downplayed way, way too much.

Good luck w/your job. Fingers crossed for you! :)

kazumi said...

Wouldn't that be an interesting blog - one of all the faces, names and anecdotes of the people who have died because of this war. I don't understand how 'war' can be downplayed or lost within politics. It is overwhelming.

And good luck!

Adriana Bliss said...

David, that's exactly the news article that disturbed me so much. Even today, 55 died. Who are they? Just numbers. Heartbreaking.

Carolyn, exactly. The human side of the war is rarely presented. And thanks for the good wishes! We'll see what happens. The university called me yesterday and I have yet another lunch meeting to attend. Lordy, applying to an academic institution is like trying to get into the CIA! So many layers of security to go through.

Thank you, Kazumi, also for the good wishes. :) And yes, I really believe the world might push more for resolution if we knew who was dying on a much deeper level.

Chip said...

Thanks to all of you for thinking about those serving overseas... it means a lot.