Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Up and Running

A miracle of miracles. I received the DSL kit yesterday and this morning I received a phone call that I could connect, that my account was going to be billed right away. Isn't that rich?

Now, now...I was worried about connecting because after all, EarthLink said most likely my problem was in my house, a DSL killer in my own home, so I figured I'd get the modem up and wouldn't be able to actually connect. I anticipated more hours with technical support.

It's so nice when my pessimism loses out.

Got the filters on, got the modem connected, got the software up and running, and a crisp, operable connection. No problem, no sweat. Which made me glad as hell to have quit EarthLink because they were truly incompetent.

I'll give Verizon credit where due - they got it up and running a day before the date I wrenched out of them, a full six days before the date they initially set. I will give "Dennis" credit for calling me several mornings in a row to update me on the progress.

I'll slam Verizon still for their uber-lousy telephone system and terrorist-cell departments. When I checked online for the status, I learned that my account only offered 10 MB of webspace. However, when I ordered DSL, two different agents told me I'd have 110 MB. When I called this morning to ask, "WTF?" I was told it was 50 MB by one agent, 10 MB by another, and still another put me on hold for twenty minutes before cutting me off.

I'm reserving my question then for "Dennis." We'll see how he does with THIS new problem.

SO...I'm back, still building my favorites links, still recovering from the Great August Computer Crash.


Dale said...


Brenda said...

I'm happy for ya. I'm still waiting for my phone to hum with a dial-tone some mysterious day. Really, I think internet/phone companies operate on a Third World sort of model, and are therefore quite unique in our culture (not that I think underdeveloped countries should operate on 'third world' models either). :-)

Lori said...

Welcome back!

Adriana Bliss said...

Look, I can respond quickly to all of you! Yay, Lori! Super yay, Dale! Brenda, I'm not sure what model these organizations are based but I hold firm, they are run like Al-Qaida. I strongly suspect we'll be learning one day that the heart of Verizon/you-name-your-phone-company is located in an Afghan cave.

Jennifer said...


narrator said...

Adriana -

If they were run like al Qaeda they might kill you but they'd be efficient. They're run more like our government. You'll drop dead long before they finish debating whether they're worried about you.

Welcome back to the broadband.

kazumi said...

Woohoo! It's so good to have you back online. You have been missed.

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