Thursday, July 27, 2006

Going seriously off-topic: The hell? (updated)

I don't get the outrage. Evidence of the American schizophrenic attitude toward breasts. They're never good enough.

Update: Speaking of people getting all up into a huff, check out the crying-children-exhibit uproar. Had I known the photographer needed crying children, I'd have sent M. She cries at the drop of the hat, an open-mouthed, agonized, soul-wrenching (her soul) cry, over the smallest things. She'd have walked out of the studio pleased with herself.


8763 Wonderland said...

Breasts are good things. Never met one I didn't like -- of the female persusasion, of course Man boobs are ugly and should be banned.

Adriana Bliss said...

LOL! Though I do have to say I have a certain...umm...warmth shall we say for man boobs ever since watching Seinfeld's epi on the man bra. :)

8763 Wonderland said...

Well, I must say I agree with this line from the MSNBC piece:

"Men are very visual," says Wheatley, 40, of Amarillo, Texas. "When they see a woman's breast, they see a breast — regardless of what it's being used for."

Yup. Indeed.

Adriana Bliss said...

And thank you, Rodger, for that very honest reveal of the male psyche. Any person who disagrees...feel free to speak.

As a note, I really DO see a distinction. The photo was very natural to me, very non-sexual. a tale in the comments...I do remember when nursing my children, that I was completely satisfied with regards to intimacy. I remember having no need for the husband and I don't believe that was ALL hormones. LOL I'm sure that's a treasure trove for any psychiatrist right there.

8763 Wonderland said...

Lay down on the couch, Adriana

Dale said...

Huh. There's nothing sexual to me at all about breasts exposed in that context. And certainly nothing "inappropriate." For heaven's sake! And if it did excite me, and if I found that problematic, I would still consider it my problem, not theirs.

I've never understood this thing at all. To me, as to even most Europeans throughout history, the sight of a baby nursing is the archetype of peace and happiness.

But that's the sort of thing you get from a guy who came of age in a hippie free school, I guess :-)

8763 Wonderland said...


nappy40 said...

Americans have officially gone crazy. This isn't People magazine or TV Guide, it's a freaking baby magazine!

I think men and even some women think a breast is sexual and they get nervous/angry when they can't express their arousal. You can't pleasure yourself or have dirty thoughts while looking at a baby. You might turn into a pillar of salt or something.

Lori said...

Okay, I'll admit that when I saw the cover, I was like, whoa! Only because the boob takes up, like, half of the cover...LOL! Seriously, though...the ensuing outrage is just so typical of folks getting their panties in a bunch over nothing. And while I'll also admit that when I see a chick nursing in public, I tend to avert my eyes...that's only because I consider it rude to stare. That doesn't mean she shouldn't be able to nurse in public. Friggin' people, man.

On the flip side, though, as somebody who couldn't hack breastfeeding my own kid...I do think the new wave of Nursing Nazism (like some of those 'lactation consultants' and that stupid friggin' ad campaign on TV) is rather mean-spirited, not to mention a really manipulative way to guilt/scare women into nursing. That's pretty wrong, too.

Dale said...

Lori, absolutely, I wish everyone would just simmer down and let other people get on with it as best they can. It's incredible how officious people are about how other people raise their kids. (Especially people who've never done it :-> I don't remember who said "I was a terrific parent before I had kids," but that's always seemed to me to about sum it up.)

Adriana Bliss said...

Ohhh you mean the psychiatric couch! I'm there, I'm there, RJ.

Dale, you're a beautiful man, hippie or not. ;)

Nappy40, you said it. This is a BABY magazine. Come on! What made me post the magazine article link was the word, "Gross," being used to describe the picture. Wow. Good point on the abject fear of sexual expression in the presence of a nursing baby. In fact, if it wasn't for masculine sexuality, baby or no, the population would be much lower! Ahh well...people are freaks.

Lori, yeah, people are getting all worked up over nothing. Similar to the hullabaloo over the photo exhibit of crying children recently. I'll post the link if I can find it. I find I don't avert my eyes (I don't exactly, I always find it sweet when I see a mom nursing in public. I'm envious actually - I never could do it in public because...well...I wasn't small enough to allow for it. LOL! Nursing for me was like a frickin' Broadway production.

Okay, onto other things! Dale and Lori, the WORST are people who want to dictate how to raise chidren when they don't have their own, or belive their way is the ONLY way. I have a bit of bitternesss about that when it comes to my kids. People just never understood that our kids didn't respond to the usual "time outs", etc. So yeah...they all need to mind their own business.

Anne said...

I like both the male and the female breast, in any context. As long as I get to look at them.
...OK, OK... LEER at them.

kazumi said...

Yikes, I think everyone I know has seen my breast! I had no problem with it while I was breastfeeding but certainly wouldn't do the same now that I've stopped! Breasts aren't a big deal here in Sydney though, I think people must realise women breastfeed in public because of a need to feed their screaming baby. You just have to go to the beach if you want to purely show them off.

Also agree with you Adriana and smile whenever I think of the Seinfield 'bro' (bra for men) :)

Adriana Bliss said...

Hello Anne, and lol! I love your unabashed admiration for the human breast.

Kazumi, interesting about the breast being less of a trauma in Sydney. Ridiculous attitude over here. And yeah on the Bro! LOL