Monday, May 01, 2006

Looking Forward to Summer

Summer's coming, thank God. Three weeks from today, I’ll be done with Academic Year 2005-2006. Let me tell you, I cannot wait for the day I turn in my grades. I'm chomping at the bit to get out – tired of whiny students, tired of lecturing to people who don’t give a damn about learning. My nerves are shredded. Likewise, my kids and D finish up in June.

Then what, you ask?

D and I have been asking the same question and in answering it, we're facing the decision of whether to send the boys to summer school. In hindsight, we didn't like the effect of the summer session on our household at all. The fights to get up and get to school continued through the end of July. The thought of getting no break...well, it breaks us. So this year, we're saying, "Hell no, we won't go." Instead, we're going to fill the summer with swimming, bike riding, picnics and naps in the park, beach trips, movies, television, and video games. Sure, the boys could use the extra boost of more math and reading. Sure, it's not like we've got valedictorians on our hands.

Sure, some out there might say, "But their education will suffer! They need more, more, more!"

Yeah, well, fuckit. We're gonna play. We're going to enjoy the break, sleeping in and staying up late. And all those things I mentioned hereinabove. I'm determined to grab onto some happiness before school starts again in September. This year's been tough on everybody - we deserve some free-wheeling joy for a change no matter what our society says.

My middle one, A, has been really suffering from severe irritability - he's so angry at everything, so angry at school work, so angry at nothing, it breaks my heart. There's nothing I can do to soothe him except to relieve him of all this goddamn responsibility. I have to try something other than the routine of writing up worksheet after worksheet after worksheet. He brought home some good tests this week - 90% and above - which makes me think we can forego the summer school. Not having worksheets for 12 weeks won't doom him to life in a gas station, ya’ know? And if that's where he ends up...well, I'll still be here to barbecue his favorite steak, give him a kiss on his nose, and tell him I love him.

Both of them.

All three of them if that’s their paths.

I’m so tired of the worksheets, of the demand to learn.

Learning has never been harder in my entire life than right now.

Can’t wait to wake up to a sunny morning where the biggest decision is, bacon for breakfast or eggs…or maybe chocolate ice cream cake?


8763 Wonderland said...

I'll take that barbecued steak, please. Haven't had one of those in ages.

Lori said...

I don't blame you at all. Sounds like everybody needs the vacation. Enjoy it!

nappy40 said...

Everyone needs a vacation or some kind of break. I hope the kids enjoy theirs.

David N. Scott said...


Hoorah for vacations!!

Esp. when you're overloaded!!

That had a lot of capitals, but it's for emphasis. I couldn't agree more with your decision--people need breaks, dadgummit, esp. when they're overloaded with school!

Dale said...

There's a LOT worse things than life in a gas station, and many of them are brought on by being pushed too hard at the wrong time in the wrong way.

This is absolutely the right thing to do. They need a break, they need you to take a break, you need a break, you need them to take a break.

Patry Francis said...

"Freewheeling joy"--I like that concept.

Fromage de Merde said...

EXCELLENT decision!

There was one summer where I had to do summer school for like eighth grade – I don’t think I ever really went back after that. Yet the punch line here is that I’m starting grad school in June!

As for A’s anger at the world, in reality there’s a lot to be angry at although I’m sure what you see him being angry at doesn’t seem to merit it, and yeah, angst is wasted on the youth and then we go and get all “mellow” in our old age and then youthful anger seems so pointless. But I can remember when I was angry like that, I think it was last week, no seriously, I can remember being angry at the world for no apparent reason except for just bein’ there and it took me a long time to work that one out. And hey, guess what? I was a middle child too! Hmmmm, a pattern seems to be revealing itself eh?

Here’s to a long beautiful summer!

Adriana Bliss said...

Oh thank you everyone! Yes, I'm feeling really good about the decision - relieved is more like it.

Patrick, interesting point about you being a middle child. I rarely think about that angle, but you may be on to something.

Patry, welcome!