Monday, February 06, 2006

Bobbing Along

The depression always passes. On Friday morning I awakened with a normal energy level, even calling my brother to see if he wanted to have lunch. I changed the bedding, tidied the house. Completed the exam and took it to the college to be copied. Just normal stuff...nothing hyper...because that's something else. My mother used to have these deep, deep lows, where she'd cry inconsolably over some past wrong, then she'd zoom back up and she'd be on her porch, taking up the wood floors, planning to do...something. Invariably, my father would have to contact someone to come fix what she'd started but of course couldn't possibly finish.


This morning J decided he wasn't going to school. And he didn't. No amount of threats was going to get him out of the door. He claimed he didn't feel well. No fever. Just a stuffy nose. A claim of a stomach ache the night previous which had kept him up. I ranted a little. D did, too. J said he was sorry and I asked him to prove how sorry he was by getting dressed and getting in the car so I could drop him off at school. He didn't. He just stood in the hallway while I packed the car this morning, saying he loved me, that I was the best mom ever. I merely looked at him, letting him know I was not swayed by sweet words. I reminded him he had a choice. He chose differently than I wanted.

So he's lost the computer this coming weekend. We try to be patient. We understand there are reasons...but at some point, he was perfectly capable of making a "good" choice and he insisted on the other choice. He did eventually get dressed and showered, D picking him around 11:00 so the child could attend two of his four core classes. Oh and phys. ed.


But...but...he has improved. The medication has brought a calmness to the house that was missing. He seems more even-keeled. Last week at school was actually much improved. Granted, it was his first week of a new semester, with new teachers. We've put him into D's class - so J is getting a bit "home-schooled." Meaning, D can micromanage the work much better. The other teachers who are part of my husband's team are veteran teachers (better than the newbies J has had all year) who are in close contact with D - so they'll be able to assist more easily with the micromanaging.


A is doing all right - he's still struggling with writing and math. He's a good reader, though. We finally found some books he likes: "Captain Underpants." What more can a boy ask?

M is...M. She's learning her ABC's and numbers. Makes me think she'll have no trouble in kindergarten. Granted, like the boys, she's got a ways to go with her fine motor skills - writing is hard for her, copying letters, etc.

So...we're bobbing along. The sun is coming through the glass windows of my office, creating a lovely silhouette of the lillies outside.


Diana said...

I miss the days of Captain Underpants. My son and I would curl up together and laugh - his one of those preschooler belly-laughs that makes the world seem wonderful.

Seeking Clarity

8763 Wonderland said...

How is it this blog flew under my radar until now? Some fascinating stuff here.

Adriana Bliss said...

Diana...those books are marvelous! It also so warms my heart to see my little one sitting up in his bed, with his "Slim" light, reading on his own.

Wonderland...thank you so much. I'm thrilled to have been caught in your radar!

Edge said...

sometimes bobbin' along aint so bad

Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

It's good to read this, Adriana. (I posted this comment yesterday but I guess Blogger didn't like it.)

cai said...

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